Vacation Home Rental Security Tips

As a vacation home rental owner, you want to do everything in your power to keep your property safe at all times – especially when new guests arrive and you will need to handle the key management problem. This is, by far, one of the greatest challenges for you as a vacation home owner. And for this, you have a few good options at hand. If you want to know what they are and also what their pros and cons are, keep reading.

#1: Install A Good Security System

  • Talk to a local security company or a locksmith that handles residential service. See if the latter is specialized in installing, managing, and servicing full security systems. Some locksmiths might only handle quick sensor fixing or battery replacement for alarm systems. If you cannot find the information you are looking for on their website, give them a call and clear things up.

  • Have a home alarm with surveillance cameras that can broadcast and record images in real time installed. This way, you should be able to review the images in case someone breaks in and steals your guests' valuables.

#2: Secure Your Main Entryways With Sturdy Locks nationwide locksmith install all types of locks

  • Add high quality, commercial grade-1 dead bolt locks to your existing sets of locks, if they are sturdy and efficient enough to do their job. Immediately get in touch with an emergency locksmith as soon as you notice any sort of a problem or vulnerability with any of your entryway locks or alarm system.

  • Opt for smart home security alternatives; they work similarly to monitored security system but they rely on wireless sensors and cameras tied to the internet. The security company will not receive the alert when there is a breach, you the alert will be directly sent to you.

  • Just keep in mind some guests might not fancy the idea of having cameras inside the vacation rental they have chosen. Instead, you should install exterior cameras that will monitor the access to the property.

  • Talk to a Nationwide Locksmith and opt for a smart lock that will replace your existing deadbolts and which can be unlocked with a simple key or unique codes that can be generated in a compatible smartphone app. You will be allowed to control and monitor the status of the lock from any remote location, so whenever your guests will leave the place without locking the door behind them, you can jump right in or so to speak and luck it for them using your smartphone. Since the codes will expire at the end of their visit there, you will not have to worry about them gaining any unauthorized access later on.

#3: Use Wireless Video Doorbells

  • Rely on a wireless video doorbell that enables you to answer the front door when you are not home. You will notice an alert popping up as soon as the bell is pressed, which will allow you to activate a two-way video stream between you and the person standing at your door.