Is Renting A Vacation House Safer Than Buying?

Did you ever rent a vacation home? How would you rate your experience? Do you see yourself 'forced' to repeat the process a few times a year? Wouldn't it be cheaper and more convenient to buy the property instead of paying rent for it? The truth is most people believe that renting a place is only going to make the landlord rich, while you will be spending money you will not actually be able to get back. There are others who might feel that they are not actually throwing money away, but rather making a good temporary investment that will pay off through the comfort and convenience they will experience at the rental.

Besides, there are voices claiming owning real estate might not be the smartest type of investment to consider. Unless, of course, you are absolutely certain that you will live in your new home – and not solely buy it to sell it in a few years.

Rental Homes Are Packed With Superior Safety Measures

  • If you think that getting a home alarm is an investment you might have trouble budgeting for, try to picture how much money you would have to invest in your very own vacation home – safety expenses included.

  • One of the advantages of renting a property for your temporary vacation needs consists in the fact that the property already comes packed with good locks and possibly a surveillance system/alarm.

  • So you will not have to concern yourself with buying, installing, maintaining, and fixing them – which can get really costly at times. There are of course some more affordable options in terms of lock or alarm system repair and maintenance.

  • You can follow the link leading to the 24/ website and take a look at some of the smallest rates in the industry in terms of fresh lock installation, lock re-key, house/mailbox lockouts, and so on. Now multiply that with the actual number of house doors/windows/garage doors the vacation home you plan on buying comes with. Then think of the potential vulnerabilities, cases of locks breaking, keys getting lost or jammed/stolen, and even property break-ins, especially when it comes to vacation homes that are left unoccupied several months a year.

  • Do the theoretical expenses plus others you are not able to anticipate make sense to you? Is the risk of having your expensive items stolen from the house while you are not there worth the effort? The truth is there are plenty of aspects to consider when deciding to make this call, and rushing into things is not the answer.

  • Talking to a professional locksmith about the specific door and window security issues that may rise over time, due to repetitive use of locks and keys should help you see things more clearly.

  • On the other hand, solely renting a vacation home means having the owners handle every single one of these aspects. You will solely have to concern yourself with grabbing the keys on your way in, and dropping them off on your way out, when your stay there is over.

  • Locking yourself out of a rental home is also something is also something that is usually taken care of by the renters.

The Real Estate Market Is Volatile

It could crash in the upcoming years, and zero or low down payment mortgages seem to be turning into reality. So rental might be the better call if we are to compare both alternatives at the moment.